>> Social & societal 

Enjoy the city at its best! Invite friends and family and secure a parking place for them. No stress about finding one and no frustration by driving needlessly around in a city that they do not know well. Not only will the ties with friends and family improve, but thanks to Parkle, so will relations with your neighbours whom you might not know very well yet.  

Parkle is fully committed to a pleasant and social city experience without parking fuss!

>> Mobility 

Parkle starts with an everyday practical parking problem, but aims far higher: to give mobility in your city a boost. Our innovative concept is helping us create extra parking capacity in the city, without having to invest in and to build parking facilities. Parkle minimizes the ‘I am looking for parking’ traffic by providing a targeted final destination with parking.  

Parkle thus makes life easier while improving mobility in your city! 

>> Payment 

Parkle conducts research into the going parking rates in your neighbourhood. The Parkle rates are 10 to 30% cheaper than the average hourly rate in your part of town. 25% of that sum goes to Parkle to support the platform and 75% to the owner of the parking place. The Parkle system keeps track of how much you have earned and how much you have spent. Payment is therefore transparent, safe and rapidly settled online. 

Transparent rates, safe online payment system and simple settlement. 

>> Safety 

An underground parking garage in the city can unwittingly give a feeling of insecurity. Parking places let and rented between neighbours automatically create more social control. If someone is wrongly parked on your free space, it is noted faster via Parkle. Your neighbour or his wife who makes the reservation is also always on hand when your friend or family member arrives at the parking spot, because someone has to open the garage door. 

More movement in the garage means better social control!