To be able to use the Parkle platform, there must be at least two of you in your building in order to be able to exchange parking places. The more neighbours who join your community, the faster you will be able to reserve or let a parking place. 

Action! Convince your neighbours about our Parkle plus points! 

  • Parkle makes it easier to get together with friends and family. 
  • You can let and rent your parking place at the times you want. 
  • When you let a parking place, you are paid for it. 
  • Parkle takes care of a parking place so that you do not have to bother your neighbours. 
  • Thanks to Parkle, your empty parking place can generate income. 
  • Parkle ensures social control over your parking garage. 
  • It brings neighbours closer together and creates more social interactions. 

Put Parkle on the agenda of your general meeting and enjoy the rapid, simple parking service for the benefit of all neighbours!  


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