Parkle is a platform used to check with your neighbours whether they want to let their parking place for a few hours or a day. Are your neighbours out working during the day and are you expecting friends or family to drive over for a visit? An ideal situation! You can reserve a parking place for them easily and rapidly in your building. You pay your neighbour, just as in a public parking facility – per parking hour. 

Can you access the Parkle platform?  

  • Do you live in an apartment building in the city? Yes
  • Does your apartment building have a closed garage with parking places? Check!
  • Do you or does one of your neighbours have a parking place? Yes 
  • Do you have a Facebook Messenger account? Yes

Did you answer all the questions in the affirmative? 

Start! Meet Liv, your personal online parking assistant, and register here! >>

Yes… no, not entirely? 

If you do not meet the conditions yourself, but have friends or family members who do, then spread the Parkle message and perhaps you can soon park in their apartment building when you go to visit them.


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