Stijn Hüwels 

Lives in an apartment block with a fixed parking place but does not have a car. 

"As I do not have a car, my parking place is often empty. I let friends, family or visitors use my place now and then. For me, Parkle is an ideal and above all easy solution. I can let my place without frets or worries when I want. My neighbours are really helped out with the extra parking place and I earn a little extra money too.” 


David C. 

Drives to the city and calls on the Parkle service through a friend. 

“I drive regularly to Leuven on weekends to work together with a friend. He lives in the city centre, and since he uses Parkle to reserve a parking place for me, I cut my driving time by 20 to 30 minutes. I need scarcely do anything. I know where he lives, know the way there, and he has already reserved my place – premium service!”


Victoria Verstraeten

Lives in the city centre and reserves extra parking places for her visitors regularly. 

“I like living in the city because there is always something to do and the vibrant urban living gives me a lot of energy. City life becomes even more enjoyable when I can share it with friends who live outside the city. Thanks to Parkle, I can now invite them without any hassle and our outings start with parking, because I arrange parking places for my friends through Liv. My neighbours earn some extra money, and everyone is satisfied in the end!”