Do you have one or more parking places in your building that are often empty? Or did you acquire a parking place when you bought or rented your apartment, but do not have a car? 

Welcome to Parkle, the online tool that enables you to let your parking place to friends and family of your neighbours. Let or reserve yourself? Everything is possible! 

How does the Parkle chatbot work? 

Open your Messenger app, find Parkle and start talking with Liv, our intelligent chat robot. Liv is right at home in the Parkle story and will gladly answer every question in no time. Once your apartment building is registered with Parkle, you and all your neighbours can become members of a specific Parkle community for your building. Do you want to let your parking place? Splendid! Liv will contact you only if someone in the community wants to reserve a parking place. 

Letting a parking space was never so easy: fast and efficient, where the organization takes place entirely behind the scenes. Liv does not ask any unnecessary questions. 

Let a parking place to your neighbour 

Once you register (free of charge), you have a Parkle account and most of the work has been done! When your neighbours want to reserve a place, Liv will send you a message automatically. Is your parking place available? Splendid! Confirm as much to Liv and she will do the rest. If your parking place is let, you will receive the money subsequently on your Parkle account. If the parking place is not available at the time that Liv asks for it, you simply do not answer. It’s as simple as that! 

Have you already let your parking place and want to see your balance? Ask Liv. Our intelligent robot is up to date on everything and will answer at once. Do you want to withdraw your Parkle money? We will put your earnings on your personal account.

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