Meet Liv, your personal online parking assistant!

Liv is our smart chatbot who sees to your parking place down to the minutest details behind the scenes: fast and efficient, but how do you go about it? 

Step 1: Say Hi to Liv! Pick up your smartphone and open Messenger. Type ‘Parkle’ in the search line. Select and say ‘Hello’. Liv will answer immediately. 

Step 2: Join a Parkle community! Liv asks a few questions to identify who you are and in which building you live. If you want to use Parkle, you must become a member of your own Parkle community. Your location or identification code informs Liv immediately as to the community concerned. This registration is completely free of charge. 

> By location? Enter your location in Messenger and Liv will detect where you are or whether a Parkle community exists. Follow her instructions. 

> Code? Have you received a code from one of your neighbours? Indicate it here. 

> More information? If you want more information, visit our website. 

If your apartment building is new in the system, Live will ask some additional questions. This need be done only once. Are you a member of a Parkle community or have you created one yourself?  Splendid! 

Step 3: Sign up! Do you have a parking place yourself? Or do you just want to reserve?  Everyone can use Parkle. 

Step 4: Almost done! Enter your mobile telephone number, and your registration is complete! Keen to reserve a parking place at once? Accept the Parkle policy and you are off.  

You have completed your Parkle administrative formalities! Congratulations. Do not forget to involve your neighbours, because Parkle works best when everyone in your apartment building is on board!

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