Like every innovative start-up, Parkle is an ingenious out-of-the-box solution to a daily frustration: the lack of free parking places in city centres. 

Meet & greet the Parkle Founders

Chris De Herdt and Philippe T’Seyen, the 2 Belgian entrepreneurs behind Parkle, have known each other since they were 12 years old. Chris stems from a logistics background, but has since been commercially active for more than 10 years in ICT. Philippe is a seasoned software wizard who likes to seek efficient solutions. Whenever Chris drove over to Philippe’s place in town, they witnessed first-hand, time and again, how difficult it was to find a good parking place – while tens of parking places lay empty in the apartment building where Philippe lives. An intense brainstorming session and a number of aha moments were followed by the first plans for Parkle. They developed an online assistant that speaks with your neighbours to check whether they have a free parking place available for a number of hours.  

>> Parkle is a fantastic concept for sharing free parking places in a building.

Smart mobility for your city

What began as a local initiative in an apartment building in the centre of Leuven, has grown into a platform that can be used in all cities. Did you know that 30% of car traffic in cities consists of people driving around the block looking for a parking place? When you think that 70% of people worldwide live in a city, that extra 30% creates all sorts of stress, queues and frustration on the road. Cities are looking for mobility solutions in vain: just think of emission zones, car-free zones and traffic plans. 

>> Parkle takes a different tack and provides a parking solution without investments. 

Be part of the Parkle community

Parkle solves the parking problem partially and enhances social interaction in city centres, making it easier for family and friends to get together. After all, every city has many apartment and residential blocks with enormous private parking possibilities, only a part of which is used. Private parking garages are made profitable by being let to neighbours. Our online assistant asks which parking places are free and sees to the full reservation and payment without you having to bother your neighbours: a win-win situation, in other words. 

>> Park in the city without frets or worries? Yes please, let’s Parkle!


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