How can I use Parkle? How can I rent a parking place in the city? What is the hourly rate for a parking place?

I live in the city. Can I use Parkle?

Absolutely! Do you live in a small apartment building with a few parking places or in a large block of flats with an underground parking garage? Parkle was made just for you! 

Must I make a payment before I can use Parkle?

No, you need not. You can start by letting your parking place. In this way, you build up your Parkle credit. Of course, you may supplement or collect your Parkle credit at all times. 

Do I have to provide my Visa data?

If you want to upload your credit on your Parkle account, then you must enter your Visa card data. You can also supplement your credit by letting your parking place. Ask Liv to view your balance and she will ask you whether you want to supplement your account with €10 or €20. You may enter your Visa data at that moment. The payment system is safe and your confidential information is processed with care. The visa data are not kept. 

Are there conditions for using Parkle?

  • Do you live in an apartment building in the city? Yes
  • Does your apartment building have a closed garage with parking places? Check!
  • Do you or does one of your neighbours have a parking place? Yes
  • Do you have a Facebook Messenger account? Of course

I live in an apartment building but I do not have a parking place.

No problem! You can use Parkle to reserve a place when family or friends come to visit. 

How can I reserve a parking place?

Create a Parkle account first at Start to Parkle. Contact Liv on Messenger when you want to reserve a parking place, and she will ask you a few questions. Tell Live when and for how long you need the parking place. If you agree with the rate, Liv will do the rest. You get a confirmation and a couple of hours before the agreed time, Liv will send you a message with the number of your parking place. 

I am not on Facebook, can I use Parkle?

No, without Messenger you cannot use Parkle. Do you use other chat applications? Let us know by becoming a Parkle Friend and, who knows, we might be able to help you soon.

Can Liv speak Dutch or another language also?

Liv speaks only English, but we are encouraging her to attend language camps next summer. Who knows? She might speak your language soon. Which language do you prefer? 

Can I park in other buildings also when I use Parkle?

No, your Parkle account is linked to a single community – the community of your own apartment. Why? Because you, as a resident in your apartment block, have access to the parking garage and can let your family or friends in without any problem. 

What is the hourly rate for a Parkle parking place?

Parkle conducts research in your municipality or city and will always charge an hourly rate that is 10 to 30% lower than the parking rates in the vicinity.  

What does Parkle earn?

You pay a small transaction cost for each reservation that comes to 25% of the parking rate. When you pay €1.5 per hour, for instance, 25% of that amount goes to Parkle and 75% to the lessor. 

Can I withdraw the money that I earn with Parkle?

Absolutely! Send a message to with your bank account number and we will deposit the desired sum on your account.

Do I know the rate for the parking place beforehand?

Yes, Liv gives you the price that you must pay beforehand. If you do not agree, the reservation does not go through. 

What if I reserve a parking place and a car is already parked there?

Contact the owner of the parking place concerned. Is it a car that should not be there? Take a photo and send it to the owner and to Reserve a new parking place through Liv. We will cancel the other reservation at no additional cost.  

Does Parkle send a reminder that my place is reserved?

Yes. If you want to cancel at that moment, you can, but then Parkle charges a small cost. 

I rented a parking place but realised during my visit that I would be staying for a longer or a shorter period. Can I make the adjustment with Parkle?

For Parkle to run efficiently, it is important that you stick to the agreed times so that the lessor does not have any problems when he needs his parking place for himself or for someone else. You can request an extension. Good agreements make good friends! 

I have a suggestion?

We like getting feedback from our users! If you have an idea, suggestion or point for improvement, send us an email at